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Angel Readings are offered in 1 hour sessions and are $65 per session. Simply pay for your reading and then schedule. Its as simple as that!

How Do Angel Card readings Work?

Watch the video for an explination of what angel readings are, how to get a reading and what happens during your reading.

What Topics Do You Want To Discuss In Your Angel Card Reading

Love & Relationships

Have an Angel Card Reading to understand the dynamics within your relationship and clearly see any issues. Where will you find your soul mate? or any other questions you have for the Archangels. Get guidance and insight.

Job & Career

Are you in the right career? Are you having issues within your current job? Angel Readings can open the doors to insight about what is going on within your career or work situation. What is your lifes purpose? Ask the angels for guidance.

Money & Finance

Are you strugging financially? Angel Card Readings can give you insight on many aspects of your life including finances. Get guidance on the issues surrounding finanial issues and let the angels give you guidance to your financial problems.

What To Expect With An Angel Card Reading

Angel Readings: What To Expect

Your angel reading will begin with understanding what challenges or situations you need guidance with. Your certified angel card reader will then make a spiritual connection with your archangels, through meditation and with the help of angel oracle cards.

An angel reading is almost a similar experience to a tarot card reading. The big difference is that the guidance being given is directly channeled by the reader, their gifts and connection to the Angelic Realm. So you could say its basically an Angel Tarot card Reading. But angel readings are uplifting, insightful and have a more positive undertone.

You may find that you have a few topics that you would like to discuss but you may not be sure where to start. In this case, we can begin with a reading that basically entails what's your angels you to know.

This angel reading will give you guidance and insight with the most important situation that the Angels currently see within your life. These angel messages will normally provide insight to the other topics you have throughout your reading session


Angel Readings are offered in 1 hour sessions and are $65 per session. Simply pay for your reading and then schedule. Its as simple as that!

Hey! My name is Brandon and I'll be your certified Angel Card Reader helping you receive guidance and messages from your angels.

I truly believe we all have a team of unique and special spiritual beings that are supporting us along our path and our life is a lot more magical and easy if we are able to recognize this help and guidance when it comes!

I pride myself on providing you with down to earth advice and guidance on how to make the most of your choices. Your Angels and your guides want the same. It makes their job a lot easier if you can take and use the advice as it is given to you.

When I conduct an angel reading I they are done remotely & via phone. Many people believe that card readings of any kind even angel card readings must be done in person, however keep in mind that your energies and thoughts are not physical and can travel, and readings do not have to be done face to face.

I had a reading today and Brandon was unbelievably accurate with the things I have been going through! His reading validated some things for me and gave insightful advice. I’m glad I reached out to him and would recommend you do the same! Thank you, Brandon!

Sheri Cordray

I had my very first reading ever today with Brandon! He was so spot on with so many things & definitely showed me a new perspective. Thanks Brandon-your awesome!

Cindy Goldsborough

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Angels don’t always tell you what you want to hear, but they will always tell you what you need to hear.

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